Operation Santa’s Stocking Joins PRSA Health Academy to Support Troops PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 December 2010 07:03

PRSA Health Academy Hopes for Your Holiday Help:
Keep U. S. Troops in Afghanistan Comfortable and Healthy
Campaign runs Dec. 1-24, 2010

(NEW YORK and PHOENIX, AZ)—The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Health Academy is collecting individual packages of “baby wipes” for donation to America’s brave troops now serving in Afghanistan. Health Academy professional members, family and friends can drop off the small packages of the coveted baby wipes at the nearest mall location where The Noerr Programs provides the highest-caliber Santas’ to greet holiday shoppers.

The baby wipes provide gentle cleansing and disinfecting where conditions are harsh, and where running water and showers—amenities most of us take for granted—are scarce and highly prized. Baby wipes bring new and significant meaning to the phrase, “It’s the little things…”

The PRSA Health Academy is ideally positioned to administer this nationwide effort, says Paula Pedene APR, chair of the proactive group that is PRSA’s largest Professional Interest Section, with 800+ members. The Health Academy represents a variety of health organizations, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers, as well as public relations agencies, foundations, and medical and dental associations.

"Each and every day these brave men and women defend our freedoms,” said Pedene, a disabled US Navy Veteran and Department of Veterans Affairs Public Affairs Officer. “We are honored and thankful for their efforts. We are excited the PRSA Health Academy and Noerr’s Operation Santa's Stocking partnership can help provide our troops with gifts of comfort this holiday season. It is important for them to know we are thinking of them, supporting them and we are grateful for their sacrifices. "

Baby wipes used in the field provide instant relief and can hinder the spread of germs that are detrimental to good health. “Healthy troops are stronger troops,” Pedene said. She also noted that PRSA HA welcomes all brands of the small, packaged baby wipes that the troops can fit in the pockets of their uniforms.

“Operation Santa’s Stocking fulfills our dream of focusing time and resources on the plight of our courageous troops overseas as well,” said Judy Noerr, president of The Noerr Programs.

Noerr deploys more than 2,000 seasonal cast members and 250 kindly gentlemen to take on the role of Santa and helpers each November at 180 regional shopping centers, and numerous military bases across the country. With its “Operation Santa’s Stocking program,” Noerr’s “genuine Santa’s” gather throughout the year to pack boxes filled with troops’ most basic needs—including baby wipes. Noerr donates shipping costs to send wipes included in special care packages boxes from its “Noerr Pole” in Arvada, Col.

To help make the effort a resounding success, Pedene said, contributors should first check Locations on Noerr Programs’ website at www.noerrprograms.com locate the nearest mall collection point.

“Then from now through Dec. 24 spread the word online, on the phone or on your street. Please clearly mark all donated wipes ‘PRSA HA’ so these efforts may be recognized at the campaign’s end,” she said.

“Having the PRSA Health Academy take the lead on this nationwide outreach program during flu season is also significant,” Pedene added. “Preventing the spread of germs for the flu and other ailments is extremely important this time of year as well for shoppers. In addition to purchasing the small packages of baby wipes for our troops, we also hope the general community will use a package of the wipes themselves as disinfectants during this time of year when the flu is rampant,” she said.

The PRSA Health Academy hopes Operation Santa’s Stocking baby wipe effort will help improve both the health of the troops and the community during this holiday season.

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